Bamboo Hair brush Kit (6 pcs)

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Did you know? Plastic hairbrushes increase the static of your hair! 

This set of compostable bamboo hairbrushes will help you do the opposite, reducing static. Say goodbye to frizziness and flyways and these are completely suitable for all hair types. 

  • The easiest way: The Bamboo durable bristles glide effortlessly through all types of hair: thin to thick, straight to curly, easily and gently smoothing long, wavy, dry, or damaged hair. It's gentle enough even for WET hair, extensions or wigs.
  • Scalp massage: The Round tipped bristle pins will provide You with an invigorating scalp massage anytime You want. Scalp massages improve hair growth, prevent hair loss, dandruff, relieve stress, and headaches. Looking good starts with feeling good!
  • Heat resistant: These brushes are great for those who use a blow dryer since they won’t heat up while you use them. Unlike plastic brushes, It has no chemical smell.

These hairbrushes are the best choice for your daily hair care, it provides maximum comfort your hair and scalp. Plus, they really look sooo cute!

Product Specifications:

Application: Hand
Item Type: Hair Brushes
Material: Organic Bamboo Wood
Quantity: 6 Pcs

Package Contains :

  • 1pc * large-tooth comb
  • 1pc * Double head comb
  • 1pc * pointed tail comb
  • 1pc * large air cushion massage comb
  • 1pc * Small air cushion massage comb
  • 1pc * Oval Massage Comb
  • 1 large-tooth comb 16.5 * 6.3 * 0.1cm 1
  • double head comb 17.5 * 3.3 * 0.55cm 1
  • pointed tail comb 22.5 * 2.8 * 0.6cm 1
  • large plate air cushion massage comb 24.7 * 8.5cm
  • 1 child air cushion massage comb 14 * 5.8cm1
  • round shape massage comb 22.8 * 8cm


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