Menstrual Recyclable Foldable Sterilize Cup

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This is a lightweight medical grade silicone material Menstrual Cup, non-stick, flexible to clean, temperature rated -100 degrees F to 480 degrees F. 

This is a great alternative for those sanitary towels, you will save lots of money and help the environment since it is reusable for up to 10 years. 

How To Use?
1.Before handling the Menstrual Cup, make sure that your hands are thoroughly clean.
2.Sterilize the Cup before the first insertion.
3.Recommend to insert the cup any of following positions:sitting,squatting,kneeling or standing-try one of these positions and choose what is most suitable for you.
4.To facilitate the insertion, you can moisten the Cup with water or water.
5.based lubrication gel.
6.Grip the Cup with your fingers and press.
7.Afterward fold the Cup lengthwise in half using fingers of the other hand.
8.Hold the Cup using fingers of one hand at the lowest position possible and insert the Wall
9.Cup in the vagina obliquely, toward the back.
10.The proper position of the Cup is lower than in case of tampons.Upon insertion in the vagina,release the fingers and let the Cup unfold fully and adhere to the wall.
11.You can disinfect before use,after use you disinfect the cup,and then save it.
Product especifications:

Item Type: Feminine Hygiene
Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicone
Quantity: 1 pcs
Product Life Time: 10 Years
Size: Samll .Large
Name: Lady Cup


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