Reusable Bamboo Straws 10-Pack

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Eliminating single-use plastic straws is a great 1st step. Whether you choose paper, stainless steel, glass or bamboo, you are making a commitment to change and helping the environment.

Our Bamboo straws originate in nature and end up in nature, making them truly 100% biodegradable! Not only beautiful, but our straws are also organic, strong & durable, contains NO ink or any type of toxic dye. These are sustainably grown and BPA-free. Bamboo doesn't transfer heat like Glass and stainless steel straws do, making them ideal for hot drinks, as well as a great choice for children who want to enjoy their favorite drinks without the risk of breakage.

*Includes straw cleaner.

Product specifications:

Type: Straw
Material: Organic Bamboo
Model Number: 2018 New
Quantity: 10 pcs + 1 Straw cleaner. 
Straw length: 19.5cm / 7.68in, outer diameter: 8-9mm, inner diameter: 4-5mm


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