Set of 3 Reusable sanitary pads & 2 Period Panties + Free Wet bag

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This set is a great way to start a sustainable lifestyle. This set will make your life more practical and comfortable. Also, this is a great way for stopping the use of disposable pads, sanitary napkins, and other toxic hygiene products.

 *Check photos & description for measures

No chemicals! More comfortable than disposable sanitary products. In the US, women’s organizations have found a range of dioxins and carcinogens present in tampons.

Sanitary Pads:

This made of Bamboo charcoal fiber which is a 100% natural and healthy material that has high absorbency. It naturally helps to retain losses and capture all odors. Switching to reusable cloth pads lessens the thousands of tons of non-biodegradable sanitary waste around the world each month.

Period Panties:

They are made from 70% bamboo fibers and 30% viscose (natural artificial silk) to give elasticity to perfectly fit your body. The crotch is made up of 4 layers for optimum absorbency!

Of course, these panties will protect you from leaks and stains.

Absorption system made of 4 layers

Thanks to our 4-layer efficient system, it can absorb up to 20 mL of liquid, the equivalent of 2 regular tampons. Feel dry and rest assured! 

This is a great kit to provide you with extra protection. If you wish to get more sanitary pads, click here reusable sanitary pads

Sanitary Pad:

Period Panty:

Save lots of money, let's make some numbers:
  • Disposable sanitary towels: An average menstruator pays the average cost of pads or tampons (assuming each piece is $0.60) is already $144/year. In a span of 33 years, a woman would have spent about $4,752 in their lifetime. 
  • Menstrual Panties or pads: Between $90 and $140 dollars only, for a lifetime.

How to wash these? 

To properly clean, it's very easy!

  • Prewash in cold water 
  • Machine wash between 30-40 ° c or simply handwash
  • Let the panty air dry. Avoid the tumble dryer. 

Product Highlights

  • High Quality
  • Packs of 1/3/5/7/10
  • Suitable for low, medium and heavy flow
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Very soft & comfortable
  • 70% Bamboo Fibers & 30% Viscose (silk)
  • Anti-odor & anti-bacteria
  • Machine Washable at 40°
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Economic

Measures Period Panty: 

Sanitary Pad Product Specifications:

Sizes: M (Long -10" X Width (Excluding Wings) 2.55");
Flow: Regular menstrual flow (medium)
Material: Soft 100% bamboo Charcoal Fiber/ Waterproof fabric
Quantity: 3pcs menstrual pads
cloth sanitary pads: washable menstrual pad


Period Panties Product Specifications:

Quantity: 2 pcs
Item Type: Feminine Hygiene
Material Composition: 70% Bamboo+ 30% Viscose
Fabric: 70%Bamboo Fiber + 30% Viscose
Crotch Cloth: 70%Bamboo Fiber + 30% Viscose


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