Planting Trees Program

For every purchase made, a Tree is planted!

Simple! We believe in individual actions, and every time you make a purchase, you are casting a vote for the type of world you want to see.

We want to make sure you get the most out of your new eco-goodies, so we have added a unique value to your purchase while you start a greener lifestyle. We will plant a tree for every purchase you make!

How it works

This is how we give back:

  • After confirming your purchase, a tree code will be registered and a "Tree-gift" email will be sent to you.
  • You will receive your tree number and species. 
  • You can track your trees and see where they will be planted. 
  • You will have the ability to check the progress of your tree, their impact, and follow up with the projects that we are supporting.

We have partenered with Tree Nation to make this possible. Tree nation is a non profit organisation and their projects align with our values and mission.