Bye-Bye Traditional Periods

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Collection: Period Underwear

Tired of the discomfort and restrictions that come with traditional period products? Experience the ultimate comfort and freedom with our period undies.
  • Indulge in Ultimate Comfort and Freedom

    So comfortable, you'll practically forget you're wearing them – it's a revolutionary stride toward empowerment, embracing comfort and confidence during your period.

  • Absorbent Mastery

    Experience top-tier absorbency, ensuring you stay dry, sexy and confident throughout your day.

  • Farewell to Hassles

    Leave behind the troubles of disposable products and welcome the future of period care with our groundbreaking menstrual panties.

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  • 4 Layer technology

    Experience superior protection with our innovative 4-layer technology. Stay dry, comfortable, and worry-free throughout your menstrual cycle.

  • Zero Leaks design

    Our innovative design is expertly crafted to handle the heaviest of flows with ease and confidence.

  • Best option for your $$$

    Opt for the cost-effective choice and watch your savings grow as you reuse our period panties with every cycle.

  • Earth Friendly

    Do your part to help the planet by ditching disposable sanitary products and making the eco-conscious shift to reusable alternatives.

  • Step 1: Quick Cold Shower

    Give 'em a chilly rinse – no soaking, just until the water's clear!

  • Step 2: Gentle Bath Time

    Pop 'em in a delicates bag (ideally) and machine-wash at a cozy 30°C or lower. You can also give it a hand wash if you prefer. 

  • Step 3: Air-Dry

    Hang 'em out to air-dry (on a non-humid environment) and let 'em catch some rays. 

    *Air-drying is the preferred method to ensure the longevity and performance of your period underwear. If you need to put them in the dryer, make sure it's on a low setting.