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Eco Impakt

Waterproof Wetbag

Waterproof Wetbag

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Experience worry-free adventures with our Waterproof Wet Bag—a perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Crafted with the same innovative technology as our period underwear, this wet bag offers a leak-proof layer, providing you with peace of mind during your daily activities.

Designed for convenience, our wet bag ensures discreet and secure storage for used underwear or wet swimwear. Whether you need to switch out your period underwear during a busy day or store damp swimwear after a refreshing swim, our wet bag has you covered.

Embrace the freedom to live your life fully, knowing that our Waterproof Wet Bag is there to keep things clean, dry, and worry-free wherever your journey takes you.


Size: Approx. 18 * 14cm / 7.2 * 5.6inch

1 x Wet bag for Period Underwear or reusable period pad. 

Material: TPU Polyester

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About ecoimpakt

  • Earth Friendly

    Do your part to help the planet by ditching disposable sanitary products and making the eco-conscious shift to reusable alternatives.

  • Zero Leaks design

    Our innovative design is expertly crafted to handle the heaviest of flows with ease and confidence.

  • Best option for your $$$

    Opt for the cost-effective choice and watch your savings grow as you reuse our period panties with every cycle.

  • 4 Layer technology

    Experience superior protection with our innovative 4-layer technology. Stay dry, comfortable, and worry-free throughout your menstrual cycle.

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